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Thank You and Goodbye

Thank You and Goodbye!

The end is upon us. You’re reading the 72nd and last post on The Media Gopher blog. The blog was started in May 2014 as a personal project, but it turned into a resource and conversation point for people interested in all things media beyond all my expectations. I’m proud of every single post and […]

Death as a Salesman 1

Death as a Salesman

2016 has been the year of the Grim Reaper, especially for celebrity deaths of global significance. In January, David Bowie’s unexpected death was announced 3 days after his album Blackstar was released. In April, Prince’s equally unexpected death came just days after playing 2 solo piano sets in Atlanta consisting of over 40 songs. The […]

April Fools - Pimms

Fool’s Gold: April Fools 2016

Another year, another April Fools’ Day. This year the brands turned out in their droves again, all attempting to make a joke that could gain enough traction to turn it into a viral sensation. Unlike previous years, there wasn’t one single brand that took the April Fools crown, but there were more than enough hits […]

Music Ads Banner

You Are Listening To… Adverts

Last week the increasingly popular music streaming platform Soundcloud made an announcement that still reverberates inside the eardrums of music fans worldwide. In the near future it will begin introducing adverts on song streams and in turn will begin to pay royalties to artists and labels each time a song is streamed. Users will be […]

Advergaming Banner

Advergaming Under the Spotlight

Advertisers that are deemed to be promoting junk food (high in salt, sugar and fat) haven’t been allowed to broadcast their messages to children on TV in the UK since 2007. For example, this means that McDonald’s is prohibited from airing an advert on a children’s TV channel, or either side of a children’s cartoon. […]