Hive Banner

How often have you had a song from an advert you’ve seen on the TV or heard on the radio stuck in your head for weeks? Hive – a technology that allows you to control your home’s thermostat using an app – used a song for its product launch in 2014 and did just this to […]

Premier League Banner

The Premier League is often touted as the best league in the world, but it hasn’t always been the best in the world at social media. Over the past few years, however, football fans have been taking to social media platforms to view line-ups, injury reports, minute-by-minute breakdowns, player interviews, analysis, and to have conversations […]

Go Compare Banner

When a brand hits on a big idea it can be propelled into the mainstream. But what happens when a brand becomes known for that one big idea and can’t shake it off? Over time, campaigns that were once successful and iconic can begin to drag a brand down, get in the way of its […]

Organ Donation Radio Ad Banner

Radio is a format that is often overlooked by media planners. It’s sometimes added to complement a TV campaign or to hammer home a brand’s jingle. Radio is much more than this though and can engage an audience in a unique way. It can help a brand to etch itself in the minds of listeners […]

Roald Dahl Banner

A logo or visual identity for a a major public figure can help to solidify everything they stand for in one simple motif. Over the past few decades they’ve become more and more popular, especially in the arena of sports men and women. Unlike musician and band logos, where a visual identity is part of […]


No, I’m not talking about the popular Disney film. Last month the British supermarket Iceland launched a new brand campaign that marked a notable shift away from its previous efforts. Past campaigns have focused on its price points and specifically on bringing mums through the door with its “Mums Go to Iceland” messaging. This effort […]

Music Festival Branding Banner

The music festival season is well and truly here. Every year, the same festivals appear again and again, along with a handful of new additions trying to get a slice of the pie. Every year, however, they emerge with a slightly different look and feel. Sure – their core ethoses and sense of identity remain […]

Age UK Banner

The latest Facebook advertising campaign caught my attention for its simplicity and ability to convey its message in such a bold and minimalist way. The television advert from the “Friends” campaign verged into cliché territory, but its accompanying billboard and OOH campaign was no frills and aesthetically pleasing. It was refreshing to see such a […]

AKR Main Banner

First things first: a disclaimer. I’m an obsessive fan of Sufjan Stevens and his music, and this inevitably extends to the way the record label he co-founded, Asthmatic Kitty Records, operates and behaves. Nonetheless, this doesn’t detract from the message and the lessons that can be learned from the way it choose to market its […]

Coca-Cola Banner

Coca-Cola is arguably the most successful and most recognised brand in the world. Its branding is consistent no matter what country you’re in and translates seamlessly across borders. So why did it announce a new universal branding strategy this week? Coca-Cola has been experiencing a problem with its product range. Coke Zero and Coke Life […]