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Euro 2016: Adverts and Sponsors

Euro 2016 is now over a week old, so it’s the perfect time to take a look at some of the advertising and sponsorship that we’ve all been able to enjoy alongside the beautiful game. As usual, some make more sense and have been executed better than others. Here’s a selection of some that stand […]


Listen Up to Podcast Advertising

Podcasts have garnered a lot of column inches in the past few months. They’ve been around for long enough and have always maintained a degree of quiet popularity, but now podcasts are leaping further into the mainstream. As with most things, if people are engaging in something, advertisers won’t be far away. Two stories of […]

Sponsoring World Cup Footballers

This year’s World Cup will arguably go down as one of the best football tournaments of all time. This is great news for the fans, but even better news for the sponsors. It seems like just about every advertiser has been getting involved in one way or another, from McDonald’s to Listerine. Closer to home, […]

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Listerine’s Breath of Hot Air

What Is Listerine? Before we get in to all the detail, here are the basics. Listerine is a mouthwash brand owned by Johnson & Johnson, the FMCG giant. It claims to be the world’s number one mouthwash, with more than 1 billion people in more than 85 countries using it to clean their mouths and […]

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Branding a Boris Bike

What Are Boris Bikes? “Boris Bikes” is the nickname of London’s public bicycle hire scheme. The name comes from London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, who championed the scheme after his predecessor Ken Livingstone laid the groundwork for it. The scheme consists of 10,000 bikes, 720 docking stations and is free for cyclists to use for half […]