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Thank You and Goodbye

Thank You and Goodbye!

The end is upon us. You’re reading the 72nd and last post on The Media Gopher blog. The blog was started in May 2014 as a personal project, but it turned into a resource and conversation point for people interested in all things media beyond all my expectations. I’m proud of every single post and […]

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The Premier League’s Social Side

The Premier League is often touted as the best league in the world, but it hasn’t always been the best in the world at social media. Over the past few years, however, football fans have been taking to social media platforms to view line-ups, injury reports, minute-by-minute breakdowns, player interviews, analysis, and to have conversations […]

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Brands That Look Back

When a brand hits on a big idea it can be propelled into the mainstream. But what happens when a brand becomes known for that one big idea and can’t shake it off? Over time, campaigns that were once successful and iconic can begin to drag a brand down, get in the way of its […]

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Radio Ads: A Year in Review

Radio is a format that is often overlooked by media planners. It’s sometimes added to complement a TV campaign or to hammer home a brand’s jingle. Radio is much more than this though and can engage an audience in a unique way. It can help a brand to etch itself in the minds of listeners […]

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Turning a Name into a Logo

A logo or visual identity for a a major public figure can help to solidify everything they stand for in one simple motif. Over the past few decades they’ve become more and more popular, especially in the arena of sports men and women. Unlike musician and band logos, where a visual identity is part of […]

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Subverting Image and Meaning

The latest Facebook advertising campaign caught my attention for its simplicity and ability to convey its message in such a bold and minimalist way. The television advert from the “Friends” campaign verged into cliché territory, but its accompanying billboard and OOH campaign was no frills and aesthetically pleasing. It was refreshing to see such a […]

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How To Release New Music

First things first: a disclaimer. I’m an obsessive fan of Sufjan Stevens and his music, and this inevitably extends to the way the record label he co-founded, Asthmatic Kitty Records, operates and behaves. Nonetheless, this doesn’t detract from the message and the lessons that can be learned from the way it choose to market its […]

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Glocalisation: Global Meets Local

Brands can often grow into behemoths. They can become known across the world – from the hustle bustle of Times Square to the rural villages of so-called third world countries. On the whole, this is what major brands crave. Global recognition, markets that aspire to enjoy their products, and seemingly endless scope for profit are […]

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The Personification of Animals

At the beginning of October, Virgin Media launched its new “Big Kahuna” campaign featuring TV spots from new characters called Ed the Sofa Bear and Ally the Night Owl. Richard Branson or Usain Bolt are nowhere to be seen and instead we get animals in human poses displaying human emotions in human settings. The concept […]

Video on Demand in Demand

It’s a fact: more and more people are watching Video on Demand (or VoD) and Thinkbox reports that 40% of the UK claims to watch TV programmes (either streamed or downloaded) via broadcaster catch-up services, such as lTV Player or Sky Go. VoD is also predominately a “lean-in” format as opposed to “lean back”, meaning […]