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Back to Branding Basics

Something strange has been happening during the last year. There has been a huge number of re-brands and brand “refreshes” for major companies, most of which already had iconic looks and feels. This article investigates a handful of these design decisions and identify some clear similarities between them. We also try to answer the question […]

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Big Marketing You Can’t Miss

There’s been an advertising trend over the past few years that’s been hard to miss. Brands are always trying to cut through the noise to capture peoples’ attentions and a great way of doing this is to go big. I’m not necessarily talking about big budgets, but more about big props in big locations. Below […]

Euro 2016: Adverts and Sponsors

Euro 2016 is now over a week old, so it’s the perfect time to take a look at some of the advertising and sponsorship that we’ve all been able to enjoy alongside the beautiful game. As usual, some make more sense and have been executed better than others. Here’s a selection of some that stand […]

Death as a Salesman 1

Death as a Salesman

2016 has been the year of the Grim Reaper, especially for celebrity deaths of global significance. In January, David Bowie’s unexpected death was announced 3 days after his album Blackstar was released. In April, Prince’s equally unexpected death came just days after playing 2 solo piano sets in Atlanta consisting of over 40 songs. The […]

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Fool’s Gold: April Fools 2016

Another year, another April Fools’ Day. This year the brands turned out in their droves again, all attempting to make a joke that could gain enough traction to turn it into a viral sensation. Unlike previous years, there wasn’t one single brand that took the April Fools crown, but there were more than enough hits […]

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Charlie Bigham’s Premium TV Dinner

Late last month saw the début of the first Charlie Bigham’s TV creative. Devised by Contagious London who took on the account back in 2014, the spot animates the same hand-drawn characters seen on Charlie Bigham’s packaging and marries it with some “banter” and close-up shots of a steamy fish pie. The advert isn’t available to […]

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Super Bowl 50: The Best Ads

Here we go again. The Super Bowl is done and dusted for another year and this time Peyton is riding off into the sunset with a cool and refreshing Budweiser. It was number 50 and the ads were billed as being bigger and better than ever before, but much like the teams in the game […]


Hello, What’s It Like in Brussels Today?

It’s a tall task to advertise an entire country or city, but it’s also a huge opportunity to place a destination firmly on the map. There are many ways to attract tourists and to a place they haven’t yet visited and some campaigns have adopted very creative approaches in recent years. Here’s a selection of some […]

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The Emergence of Gourmet Pet Food

Last week Waitrose announced that it was launching a brand new pet food brand. A decade ago this wouldn’t be a newsworthy event, but the present day pet food market is so lucrative that it deserves some analysis. So what does Waitrose’s effort look like? Firstly, it’s called Mill Stream Farm and it’s positioning itself […]

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Tuneful Customer Propositions

How often have you had a song from an advert you’ve seen on the TV or heard on the radio stuck in your head for weeks? Hive – a technology that allows you to control your home’s thermostat using an app – used a song for its product launch in 2014 and did just this to […]