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Back to Branding Basics

Something strange has been happening during the last year. There has been a huge number of re-brands and brand “refreshes” for major companies, most of which already had iconic looks and feels. This article investigates a handful of these design decisions and identify some clear similarities between them. We also try to answer the question […]

Euro 2016: Adverts and Sponsors

Euro 2016 is now over a week old, so it’s the perfect time to take a look at some of the advertising and sponsorship that we’ve all been able to enjoy alongside the beautiful game. As usual, some make more sense and have been executed better than others. Here’s a selection of some that stand […]

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Brands That Look Back

When a brand hits on a big idea it can be propelled into the mainstream. But what happens when a brand becomes known for that one big idea and can’t shake it off? Over time, campaigns that were once successful and iconic can begin to drag a brand down, get in the way of its […]

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Turning a Name into a Logo

A logo or visual identity for a a major public figure can help to solidify everything they stand for in one simple motif. Over the past few decades they’ve become more and more popular, especially in the arena of sports men and women. Unlike musician and band logos, where a visual identity is part of […]

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Cola-Cola and the Universal Brand

Coca-Cola is arguably the most successful and most recognised brand in the world. Its branding is consistent no matter what country you’re in and translates seamlessly across borders. So why did it announce a new universal branding strategy this week? Coca-Cola has been experiencing a problem with its product range. Coke Zero and Coke Life […]

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Glocalisation: Global Meets Local

Brands can often grow into behemoths. They can become known across the world – from the hustle bustle of Times Square to the rural villages of so-called third world countries. On the whole, this is what major brands crave. Global recognition, markets that aspire to enjoy their products, and seemingly endless scope for profit are […]

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Branding British Indie Snacks

Do you ever get bored of seeing the same snack food brands over and over again in your local supermarket? Are you fed up of seeing the same large companies dominating the shelves with their tired and boring brands? Well, there’s a small revolution going on in the underbelly of the British snack market that’s […]

Water Nice Piece of Branding

When it comes to branding a product, bottled water can be seen as a great level playing field. Sure – water can be sourced from different places and filtered in different ways, but it’s ultimately a product distinguished from its competitors solely by branding, advertising and packaging. Here are 4 great examples of how some […]

Glasgow 2014

How To Brand the Commonwealth

The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow kicks off today. It’s the 20th edition of what was once known as the Empire Games and this is the third time Scotland has hosted the event, both previous times being in Edinburgh (1970, 1986). The Commonwealth Games’ 4-year cycle means it has to compete with a World Cup […]

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When Brands Go Catfishing

What Is Catfishing? Catfishing is the term used to describe the act of starting a relationship with somebody online using a false identity. In simpler terms you’re a Catfish if you’re being somebody that you aren’t and stringing another person along for the ride. Catfishing is explored in-depth on the popular MTV show fronted by […]