Euro 2016: Adverts and Sponsors

Euro 2016 Main Banner

Euro 2016 is now over a week old, so it’s the perfect time to take a look at some of the advertising and sponsorship that we’ve all been able to enjoy alongside the beautiful game. As usual, some make more sense and have been executed better than others. Here’s a selection of some that stand out:

Paddy Power

Euro 2016 2

Scotland didn’t qualify for Euro 2016, which made them perfect cannon fodder for a Paddy Power campaign. Most adverts during major sports tournaments take themselves very seriously and play on the prestige of being associated with the event. Paddy Power isn’t an official partner though, and this light-hearted approach helps it to cut through the noise of other creatives that have more of a corporate feel.

This advert forms part of Paddy Power’s ongoing “Viva La Bantz” campaign which has also seen each country’s crest succumb to national stereotypes. This post’s featured image shows 4 of them. It’s close to the line stuff, but the majority come across more as playful mockery than anything too offensive (with only a few expections). The full set can be seen here.

View the Scotland-centric advert here:

Turkish Airlines

Euro 2016 3

What better way to create an association with the tournament and your airline brand than becoming an official partner and sticking a huge plane on the pitch in front of some players? It’s often tricky for big brands to find common ground with sporting events without it seeming forced, and Turish Airlines have succeeded and failed in equal amounts for Euro 2016.

A series of short TV ident bumpers have been produced which are 50% funny and 50% cringeworthy. However, their message can be understood in any language and they’re very well produced. All of them can be viewed here in one video.


Apple have decided to take a more hipster/niche approach by displaying iPhone user’s mostly black and white football-related photos and videos on a slideshow. The advert is nice to look at, but not every photo or video is immediately recognisable as being about football and some just simply aren’t very good.

The advert also completly misses the mark in terms of tone and mood. It comes across as forced, too serious and almost pretentious – something that a person who isn’t a football fan would commission just to force a connection between Apple and the tournament. I’m sure it’s meant with all the best intentions, but it fails to match the celebratory atmosphere of Euro 2016.


Euro 2016 4

I must admit that I hadn’t heard of Hisense before this tournament, but they’re an official sponsor that’s trying to break into the European market. What better way than plaster the brand across viewers’ screen before, during and after all of the matches?

It’s the first time that a Chinese brand has sponsored the tournament in its 65-year history and the chosen approach is the use of simple, no-frills creatives. Hisense claim that sports marketing has been a pivotal part of driving its worldwide success in recent years, and this no-risk approach therefore seems to literally be paying dividends.


The biggest has been left until last. You’ve probably seen it already, but if not, Nike’s big budget 6-minute epic is a story rooted in a violent head-to-head collision between Ronaldo and an unsuspecting ball boy. Fairytale stuff.

I don’t think it’s the best of this tournament’s bunch, but an advert like this packed with so much star power is always going to cut through the noise. The footballers actually do themselves proud on the acting front and the advert itself looks spectacular. Nike have access to all of these huge names (albeit for rather large fees) and they know exactly how to utilise them. Bring on the 2018 World Cup.


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