Charlie Bigham’s Premium TV Dinner

Charlie Bigham's

Late last month saw the début of the first Charlie Bigham’s TV creative. Devised by Contagious London who took on the account back in 2014, the spot animates the same hand-drawn characters seen on Charlie Bigham’s packaging and marries it with some “banter” and close-up shots of a steamy fish pie.

The advert isn’t available to view on YouTube, but can be seen using this link: Watch It Here

But let’s take one step back. Who and what is Charlie Bigham’s and is this creative a step forwards for the brand?

Charlie Bigham's

Charlie Bigham is the face of his own range of premium ready meals (around £7 a pop) that have slowly but surely built up a large customer base and can now be found in a handful of major supermarkets. This TV advert is the first time that the brand has attempted to reach the masses proper and the creative serves as an extension of its overall visual identity. It’s an example of a brand using TV as a medium to cement its market positioning and increase awareness instead of making a grand statement.

However, taking such a low-key approach means that it could get lost in the noise of all the other food adverts that are currently trying to out-shout each other on the airwaves. This advert raises a smirk, but it isn’t going to make the viewing audience rush out to immediately buy a fish pie. But will it make a viewer look twice at Charlie Bigham’s products if they pass them on the supermarket aisle? The answer is probably yes.

Charlie Bigham's

Charlie Bigham’s has said that their “food is now available in lots of stores, and what better way to spread the word than to share our story on TV”. This creative is a step in to new territory for the brand and it’s a somewhat conservative but good start to what seems to be just the beginning of a wider TV strategy that will continue into 2016. Testing the advert in the South East region to begin with is a clever and logical move to gauge the effectiveness of its messaging in one of the most affluent parts of the UK.

The nature of the creative also leaves it open to new story lines and characters, so it will be interesting to see how it develops over the coming months. Ideas are already fully formed in the brand’s current communications, so will we be seeing some new animal additions to the family soon?

Verdict: Predictable yet effective (7/10)


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