Super Bowl 50: The Best Ads

Super Bowl 50 Banner

Here we go again. The Super Bowl is done and dusted for another year and this time Peyton is riding off into the sunset with a cool and refreshing Budweiser.

It was number 50 and the ads were billed as being bigger and better than ever before, but much like the teams in the game itself, the brands who bought a slot mostly played it safe and didn’t get too offensive (unlike in previous years).

Nevertheless, here’s a list of The Media Gopher’s top 5 ads from this year’s bunch:

Walken Closet – Kia Optima

Getting a big name to front a Super Bowl ad is often the easy way to get eyes on a creative and to make it memorable. However, more than often this approach leaves the adverts themselves feeling stale and predictable.

The idea for this 1 minute slot feels like it was borne out of word play, but the creative itself plays on the acting strengths of Christopher Walken and some impressive cinematography to produce an advert that’s memorable on merit. Car adverts are boring, and so is this one, but Christopher Waken with sock puppets produces enough redeeming qualities to make this a car advert with a difference.

Ultrasound – Doritos

Sometimes Super Bowl adverts are moments for brands to try a crazy idea and see if it sticks. Every year for the past 10 years Doritos has been running a competition called Crash the Super Bowl in which fans can submit their own ideas for a big game slot in an attempt to generate that idea.

This creative featuring a birth-inducing Dorito was a competition winner this year and it seems to have generated as much buzz as any of this year’s bunch. There isn’t much to say about it other than it’s simply an advert featuring a birth-inducing Dorito.

The Big Game Meets the Big Day – Buick

Odell Beckham Jr. was always going to appear in a Super Bowl ad this year and car brand Buick (nope, me neither) seems to have been the highest bidder. He watches on as Emily Ratajkowski catches the bouquet at a wedding OBJ-style.

Yeah, it’s obvious and predictable, but for a brand that’s advertising during the big game for the first time it’s a nice way to introduce itself to a new audience. A creative that uses big names and an iconic NFL moment to challenge perceptions about its cars is a sure-fire winner. Interestingly, this is the only ad on this year’s list that makes a reference to football, albeit in a hackneyed way.

Unrestricted Bling – T-Mobile

This concept was one of the biggest and bravest and therefore the most prone to crashing and burning. Trying to ride on the coat tails of Drake’s Hotling Bling video to sell phone contracts sounds like an idea straight from a dark corporate boardroom.

However, using the “suits” as the focal point of the creative alongside the rapper results in a scenario that limps over the line but ultimately produces a smirk. Drake is also a pretty good actor too. Who would have thought it?

Every Drop Counts – Colgate

Here’s a nice little ad to round off this year’s list. Colgate decided to use their spot to push home a message rather than a new product. They really hit the money with a smooth and simple creative that tackles the issue head on and brings it to life.

Usually these kind of ads get lost in the noise of all the other brands trying to shout louder than each other, but this one is different enough in tone to stand out.


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