Hello, What’s It Like in Brussels Today?

Visit Brussels Banner

It’s a tall task to advertise an entire country or city, but it’s also a huge opportunity to place a destination firmly on the map. There are many ways to attract tourists and to a place they haven’t yet visited and some campaigns have adopted very creative approaches in recent years. Here’s a selection of some unique and interesting tourism-centric advertising campaigns that take different approaches to very similar briefs:

#CallBrussels – Brussels

Brussels Tourism

The terror attacks in Paris in late 2015 and the spotlight subsequently turning on Brussels shortly after meant that the city’s tourism industry experienced an understandable lull. This creative out-of-home (OOH) installation encouraged people from around the world to call a selection of landlines placed in the city and to ask questions to locals or passing tourists. Anybody near the phone could pick up. The ensuing conversations ranged from getting tips on local restaurants to asking if the city was still a safe place to walk around. The campaign helped to show the world how Brussels had recovered quickly and gave a voice to real people on the ground.

Visit California – California

Tourism California

TV spots for California over the past few years have worked to both challenge and reinforce stereotypes about the area. At the same time, they show off the best of what the area has to offer and include a host of different celebrities. They’re slick, clever, polished and cram all different corners of California into a short creative. As big-budget ideas go, this one matches the feel of the California itself and the idea that it’s trying to sell to potential tourists.

Turkish Airlines – Turkey

Turkish Airlines

This example isn’t necessarily for Turkey as a country, but its national airline instead. Its most recent campaign features Lionel Messi and Didier Drogba, two of the world’s best known footballers, and aims to raise the profile of. Importantly, this creative uses humour and a lack of dialogue to make it work across borders and convey its message effectively regardless of where the viewer is from. It’s arguably the least creative of all the ideas listed in this article, but shows how two global superstars, neither of which are from Turkey, can help to advertise an entire country’s airline.

Remote Control Tourist – Melbourne

Melbourne Tourism

This AUS $3.6m campaign ran across digital platforms and aimed to provide a “unique, fully digital and interactive pre-trip experience for potential visitors” to Melbourne in Australia. It involved people with cameras on their helmets walking around Melbourne and basing their movements on online interactions with visitors to remotecontroltourist.com or its social media accounts. The result was a Google Maps-style experience with a personal touch and showed off lesser-known areas of Melbourne as well as the major, more well-known attractions. In this example, an array of digital platforms were used to produce a holistic experience for the user and allowed them to generate their own opinions of the city based on what they wanted to see.

Taste of Fiji – Fiji

Fiji Tourism

This last example utilised an immersive OOH installation on trains to give people a synthetic taste of Fiji in the real world. There’s no better way of selling a place to a potential visitor than giving them a taste of what the place is like. This type of immersive OOH is also something that sticks in the memory much longer than a traditional billboard, and a perfect time to use it is when trying to sell an experience. Al that it was lacking is real sand and a towel.


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