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Do you ever get bored of seeing the same snack food brands over and over again in your local supermarket? Are you fed up of seeing the same large companies dominating the shelves with their tired and boring brands? Well, there’s a small revolution going on in the underbelly of the British snack market that’s trying to change this.

All of these start-ups have one thing in common: they use storytelling to sell both their business concept and products. Branding and the spark of inspiration behind their offering is fundamental to their success.

Here are 4 smartly branded products to tickle your tastebuds, plus another great new brand that’s trying to distribute them to you:

Serious Pig

Serious Pig

Serious Pig takes pork and makes some serious snacks from it. The brand is the brainchild of “Hog Boss” George Rice and its iconic monocle-wearing pig logo isn’t one that is easily forgettable. Two types of product are currently on offer: snacking salami and snackingham (cured and air-dried pork loin that’s been infused with herbs and spices). This is a brand that understands its product offering and knows where it wants to be positioned in the market.

Faced with a savoury urge one evening, the selection behind the bar was predictable and uninspiring. It was time for a change thought George. Those thoughts soon turned towards pork, and in particular salami.


Lord Poppington’s

Lord Poppington's

If Lord Poppington’s doesn’t make you smirk on first viewing you must be desensitised to most kinds of humour. The brand offers 4 types of Lord Percy Poppington’s perfectly popped popcorn. You can learn more about the Lord in the biography section on his website.

Unlike other brands featured here, Poppington’s choose to focus on the figurehead of the brand instead of the story or individuals behind the brand. It’s a brave move but has been executed well, resulting in an iconic and easily recallable brand that has potential to grow into something much larger. There’s nothing that a top hat and some alliteration can’t make successful.


Get Fruity

Get Fruity

Get Fruity is a cornwall-based company that makes fruity oat bars. Its brand uses bold colours and minimalist depictions of fruit with eyes – think Innocent but unique in its own way. The business is a realised dream for founder Davina Whiteoak who wanted to create her own healthy and tasty products in Cornwall. It’s a confident yet unassuming brand that’s clean, bold and modern, like the product itself.

Davina has always loved working with food, her first memories where baking with her mum on the farm. Get Fruity bars were developed on Davina’s farm in Cornwall and they are now produced at the Get Fruity plant near to where Davina grew up.




Snact is the idea of two “Snacktivist” friends that realised they had a common interest in food and sustainability. Snact exists because of three problems with the current food system: 1) It wastes too much, 2) Too many people are affected by food poverty, 3) Too much power is held by too few. The result is a fruit jerky product made from fruit surplus (i.e. perfectly edible food waste) that contributes to one of your 5 a day, and a compelling brand story that’s attempting to tackle the big guys and shake up the industry. They also say that fruit is just the first product offering and there will be more to come. Keep your eyes peeled for more Snact revolutions in the future.

We decided that making healthy fruit jerky beat sitting behind a desk all day, quit our jobs and set off on our journey to contributing to a tastier, greener and fairer food system.


Office Pantry

Office Pantry

Office Pantry is a company set up by some University of Bath graduates who suffered the hunger grumbles in their old office jobs. Their solution is to deliver wholesome snacks to offices in an upcycled wooden Pantry. Offices pay £35 to have a snacks delivered to their free Pantry and employees then pop coins to the value of their snack into an honesty box when they feel peckish. This means that if everybody pays the right amount, the office owner hasn’t spent a penny. More detail about the process can be found here.

We had munched through every menu of the nearby lunch spots, and whenever we gave in to the vending machine we always regretted our moment of weakness after the very first bite. We were guilty without the pleasure.

Office Pantry stocks all of the above snacks and lots more. Each snack on offer is locally produced in the UK, taste tested by the team, and grandmother approved. The brand is simple yet this allows it to be clear in its vision and customers are voting with their coins and mouths. Pantries are already being delivered to an array of businesses and more are being added by the day.



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