TMGs: Honourable Mentions #2

Honourable Mentions Part 2

Cannes Lions 2014 is done and dusted. The awards have been given out, the champagne has run dry, and the Lions have found new homes on the reception desks of agencies across the globe. This means that it’s time for The Media Gophers 2014. “What, how, and why!” I hear you cry! Well:

What: There will be 8 campaigns given Honourable Mentions, 1 campaign awarded a Silver Gopher, and 1 campaign awarded a Gold Gopher. The Media Gopher Grand Prix will be announced on 4th July.

How: This involves trawling through all the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Grand Prix winners from Cannes and singling out campaigns that really strike a chord with their intended audiences.

Why: Cannes has categories and has made judgements that I haven’t always agreed with. This is simply an everything goes version of the Lions from a different perspective.

Here are the final 4 Honourable Mentions:

Brazil Organ Transplants: Bentley Burial

What’s So Great About It?

Organ donation isn’t a particularly nice thing to talk about. It involves death, and any direct forms of messaging are likely to be avoided by the public with minimal levels of engagement. Creative communication is therefore key here, and the idea of using the eccentric Brazilian billionaire Chiquinho Scarpa is a genius way of engaging an audience with one message and then turning the tables on your captive audience to hammer home the intended meaning. A consumer goods brand may well have been hung out to dry if it attempted such a campaign, but who’s going to argue with an organ transplant charity?

Why No Media Gopher Grand Prix?

I think the whole campaign was held together by some very naïve journalism in Brazil and a public that didn’t want to scratch beneath the surface of what they were being told. That’s not to say that it isn’t a great campaign in the context of Brazil – it very obviously had its desired effect with a 31.5% increase in organ donations in 1 month. Maybe it’s an over-cynical viewpoint, but for a campaign with zero media investment it seems to have worked all too smoothly.

Who’s InvolvedBrazilian Association of Organ Transplants (Advertiser), Leo Burnett Tailor Made São Paulo (Advertising Agency).

Cannes Performance: [1 Gold, 4 Silver, 4 Bronze] Gold Promo & Activation Lion (Use of Promotional Stunts and Live Advertising), Silver Media Lion (Digital & Social: Use of Social Platforms), Silver Media Lion (Product & Service: Public Awareness Messages), Silver Outdoor Lion (Ambient: Live Advertising & Events), Silver Cyber Lion (Social: Influencer/Celebrity), Bronze Direct Lion (Digital & Social: Response/Real-Time Activity), Bronze Direct Lion (Product & Service: Charities), Bronze Promo & Activation Lion (Product & Service: Charities), Bronze Promo & Activation Lion (Digital & Social: Use of Social Audience).


What’s So Great About It?

I don’t envy any advertising or media agency that is dealt with the task of improving a bank’s image. However, if you’re going to have a stab at it, you may as well really have a stab at it. ANZ Bank was already the principal sponsor of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, so the logical next step was to activate the sponsorship further at the event itself. The bank was always going to engage festival-goers by covering ATMs in sequins, studs, leather, demin and fur, but was also going to attract attention of the media by doing so. It was a shrewd move that generated endless amounts of earned media.

Why No Media Gopher Grand Prix?

62 million media impressions was the figure quoted by ANZ for the reach of the campaign. It’s an impressive figure for a refurbishment of some ATMs and a clever renaming exercise. It hasn’t won a Media Gopher because I feel it’s perhaps a campaign that’s almost too simple. Its simplicity is undoubtedly what makes it great and looking at the campaign does bring about a smile, but I don’t see a deeper resonance beyond the initial eye-catching OOH installations.

Who’s Involved: ANZ Bank (Advertiser), Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne (Advertising Agency), PHD Melbourne (Media Agency), Revolver/Will O’Rourke (Production Company).

Cannes Performance: [1 Grand Prix, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze] Outdoor Grand Prix (Ambient: Special Build), Silver PR Lion (Sectors: Financial Services), Silver PR Lion (Practices & Specialisms: Corporate Responsibility), Bronze Direct Lion (Ambient Media: Large Scale), Bronze Direct Lion (Product & Service: Financial), Bronze Promo & Activation Lion (Product & Service: Financial), Bronze Media Lion (Product & Service: Financial).

GRAACC: Bald Cartoons

What’s So Great About It?

GRAACC say this very well themselves: cancer is hard enough for young children to fight, so prejudice faced due to hair loss is an added burden. This campaign connects with its target audience through making slight changes to something they love: cartoons. It’s hard to truly resonate in a meaningful way with young people, so making special episodes of well-known cartoons has huge power to influence social norms.

Why No Media Gopher Grand Prix?

This campaign narrowly missed out on a Media Gopher. GRAACC even implemented an influencers strategy to  get high profile figures on board, including the Brazilian President. Special exhibitions and cinema sessions were also set up in children’s hospitals to directly target the intended audience for “immediate identification” with the characters on screen. Not only was this campaign brilliantly realised, but also incredibly commendable for the way it communicates a difficult message.

Who’s Involved: GRAAC (Advertiser), Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo (Advertising Agency), Paranoid Brasil São Paulo (Production Company).

Cannes Performance: [2 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze] Gold PR Lion (Influencer Communications), Gold Outdoor Lion (Ambient: Non-Standard Indoor Advertising), Silver Media Lion (Use of Media: Branded Content & Sponsorship), Silver Design Lion (360° Brand & Identity Experience: Charities), Silver Branded Content & Entertainment Lion (Brand or Product Integration into an Existing Programme or Platform), Bronze Branded Content & Entertainment Lion (Use or Integration of Printed Content), Bronze Promo & Activation Lion (Use of Broadcast in a Promotional Campaign), Bronze Media Lion (Product & Service: Public Awareness Messages).

Tokyo Sunshine Aquarium: Penguin Navi

What’s So Great About It?

This app is a great example of augmented reality that’s built for a purpose and not just “because”. It’s a clever design idea that helps users to overcome a real-life problem. The GPS system is useful because the aquarium is located in an extremely dense part of the city, almost 1 kilometer from the nearest train station. I feel like it’s a great little promotional idea for the aquarium that has understood its target audience well and created something that will bring a smile to people’s faces.

Why No Media Gopher Grand Prix?

The idea is cute, but is it groundbreaking? I don’t think so, but I can see other brands taking notice of this idea and applying it to other scenarios to greater effect and impact. Additionally, the claim that “It’s so entertaining that all other distractions go unnoticed” is slightly worrying when young children are likely to be crossing some busy roads when using the app!

Who’s Involved: Tokyo Sunshine Aquarium (Advertiser), Hakuhodo Tokyo (Advertising Agency), Hakuhodo Products (Production Company).

Cannes Performance: [1 Gold] Gold Design Lion (Digital Design: Online).


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