TMGs: Honourable Mentions #1

Honourable Mentions Part 1

Cannes Lions 2014 is done and dusted. The awards have been given out, the champagne has run dry, and the Lions have found new homes on the reception desks of agencies across the globe. This means that it’s time for The Media Gophers 2014. “What, how, and why!” I hear you cry! Well:

What: There will be 8 campaigns given Honourable Mentions, 1 campaign awarded a Silver Gopher, and 1 campaign awarded a Gold Gopher. The Media Gopher Grand Prix will be announced on 4th July.

How: This involves trawling through all the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Grand Prix winners from Cannes and singling out campaigns that really strike a chord with their intended audiences.

Why: Cannes has categories and has made judgements that I haven’t always agreed with. This is simply an everything goes version of the Lions from a different perspective.

Here are the first 4 Honourable Mentions:

Sony Music: Bob Dylan Box Set Release

What’s So Great About It?

This campaign was highly engaging and genuinely groundbreaking. It not only gave old Bob Dylan fans something to enjoy, but also attracted a whole new audience to his work. It amassed 46 million views after just a fortnight online and $17m worth of earned media in 58 countries during its first week. There was something for every audience to enjoy. The experience can be viewed here.

Why No Media Gopher Grand Prix?

It would have been in contention had the idea been rolled out to real TV channels. It arguably is a beast that has to live online, but adding extra investment to make this a live TV event would have turned the campaign from a great to an exceptional piece of work.

Who’s Involved: Sony Music (Advertiser), Interlude New York (Advertising Agency), Pulse Films London (Media Agency), Walter Pictures New York (Production Company).

Cannes Performance: [4 Gold, 1 Bronze] Gold Direct Lion (Use of Digital Marketing), Gold Film Craft Lion (Direction), Gold Film Craft Lion (Script), Gold Branded Content & Entertainment Lion (Use or Integration of Music), Bronze Cyber Lion (Online Video: Interactive Video).

DHL: Trojan Mailing

What’s So Great About It?

This is a perfect viral video. It has all of the necessary ingredients to succeed: an innovative idea, excellently assembled into an easy to view package, and it centres around a prank. The whole video cost just €5,350, garnered over 5m views on YouTube, and its reach has been amplified endlessly through reports in media outlets. However, what’s best is the way DHL used its own direct competitors to promote its own service.

Why No Media Gopher Grand Prix?

I don’t feel that the activation of the campaign was very effective. The video certainly went viral, but this was perhaps down to the core idea instead of DHL really driving home the message through additional digital channels. On top of this, I think the idea had a lot more scope than the original video conveyed, but DHL has yet to build on this formula.

Who’s Involved: DHL (Advertiser), Jung von Matt Stuttgart (Advertising Agency).

Cannes Performance: [1 Gold, 2 Silver] Gold Promo & Activation Lion (Use of Promotional Stunts and Live Advertising), Silver Media Lion (Use of Media: Special Events and Stunt/Live Advertising), Silver Outdoor Lion (Ambient: Live Advertising & Events).

Operation Smile India: Cleft to Smile :{ to :)

What’s So Great About It?

The whole campaign centres around a very simple logo. The charity didn’t have the funds to splash out on a TV or billboard campaign, so they chose an idea that could be spread very easily across all forms of social media. I love the idea of a logo “not being bound by font or colour”. It’s a very clever way of increasing awareness of the charity and one which will have a huge resonance with younger audiences.

Why No Media Gopher Grand Prix?

There’s nothing wrong with this campaign, but I don’t feel it goes the extra step to capture the public’s hearts once the charity has gained their attention. A next step could be turning the logo into something more meaningful and exploring other potential applications now that people are familiar with its meaning. The logo is great for awareness, but not necessarily conversions (e.g. donations).

Who’s Involved: Operation Smile India (Advertiser), Ogilvy & Mather India (Advertising Agency).

Cannes Performance: [1 Gold] Gold Design Lion (Large Scale Logo).

Commercial Insurance: Travel Insurance

What’s So Great About It?

I firmly believe that the power of radio as a media channel is often ignored by advertisers, and this campaign should be played out to all of these doubters. It’s both scriptwriting and production at its best, transporting to you to a different place through words and sounds alone. Not only is it aurally compelling, but communicates its message extremely effectively. This isn’t just a fun idea applied to the context of travel insurance; it works as a complete piece. The remaining two adverts in the campaign can be heard here and here.

Why No Media Gopher Grand Prix?

The campaign was for a small advertiser and could have been brought to life even further through an interesting print or outdoor element. It’s a great idea that’s perfectly executed on radio, but would work so well as a visual campaign that it feels a waste to have not at least experimented with one. I would also have liked to have heard some more adventurous story lines – the LeBeau creative is streaks ahead of its counterparts.

Who’s InvolvedCommercial Insurance (Advertiser), Impact BBDO Dubai (Advertising Agency), Eardrum Australia Sydney (Production Company).

Cannes Performance: [1 Gold, 2 Silver] Gold Radio Lion (Use of Music and/or Sound Design), Silver Radio Lion (Product & Service: Banking, Investment & Insurance), Silver Radio Lion (Craft: Scriptwriting).


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