Crowdsourcing for a Country

Love Croatia Banner

The amount of tourists visiting Croatia increases every year. It’s a destination that’s growing in popularity with visitors from around the globe, and the Croatian National Tourist Board is jumping on this wave of interest. The Board’s idea is a crowdsourcing campaign that encourages visitors to the country to share their photos and videos via social media using the hashtags #LoveCroatia and #ShareCroatia. This content will then be compiled that showcases the country and the visitors’ experiences.

The campaign is being run behind the scenes by BBDO Zagreb. The hope is that it will influence individuals that haven’t yet decided on their holiday destination. Once they’ve seen the Share Croatia site, their decision should be made. The campaign has only just kicked off, but has received a lot of positive sentiment so far online and the message is being spread to millions of “fans” of Croatia through its various social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Croatia’s National Tourist Board promotional video to announce the crowdsourcing campaign.

I think the central idea behind this campaign is great. The crowdsourcing essentially removes the need for The Croatian National Tourist Board to assemble a clichéd and run-of-the-mill promotional video and may well portray an angle of the country that only an outsider to it could uncover. Prospective visitors will want to see what the country looks like above anything else, and photos and videos from individuals that have chosen to share their personal footage will give the campaign a huge injection of authenticity.

Things could however go the opposite way. The Board really need to push the message to tourists that are in Croatia in order to generate some truly unique and compelling content. If the site becomes congested with selfies of couples that look like they could have been taken anywhere in the world, then the purpose of the campaign becomes muddied. I’m looking forward to seeing how the campaign grows and evolves throughout the summer months, and if any other countries will jump aboard the crowdsourcing bandwagon.


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