Thorpe Park’s Island Getaway

Thorpe Park Banner

Last week, Thorpe Park launched its ‘An Island Like No Other’ campaign on TV, radio and online. The slogan plays on the idea that the Merlin-owned theme park is built on its own island, surrounded by water on all sides and accessible only by bridges – which is actually the case. The creative itself obviously exaggerates the extent of the island, yet does a superb job of highlighting every aspect of the park. This includes managing to incorporate the announcement of its new Angry Birds Land within the 30” spot, whilst not making it the focal point of the advert.

What’s great about this campaign is the way it tries to reposition Thorpe Park as a place to escape. It’s now a resort, not just a theme park. Using the theme of an island associates the park with an air of the exotic – it’s not just a place for thrills any more, but intriguing, mysterious and most of all, a place to spend more than just an afternoon.

Thorpe Park’s new An Island Like No Other creative.

Thorpe Park is not an advertiser that’s scared of high budget, CGI-filled creatives. The advert that launched its Swarm rollercoaster looked like it took place in another world altogether. What’s different with its new creative is that CGI is used to emphasise certain elements of the park instead of allowing it to hide behind the computer trickery. At the core of the advert are real people – not just thrill seekers – and this is an interesting departure for the theme park. The creative itself was conceived by TBWA\Manchester and brought to life by Hoxton Redsocks.

Thorpe Park’s 2012 creative for its Swarm rollercoaster.

The radio element of the campaign is being supported through a partnership with Capital FM consisting of adverts and on-air competitions and endorsements. Annual Passes, Fast Track tickets and free food and drink are being offered as prizes in a partnership with a media owner that shares a very similar audience and market to that of Thorpe Park itself.

It’s the perfect time of the year to launch such a campaign and it’s a creatively bold statement and message from Thorpe Park which it’s likely to reap rewards from during the summer months. It could be making their own luck with the new slogan, but it’ll also have to hope the weather holds up to see if it will generate a healthy return on investment. A hot summer is something that no amount of good advertising and media planning/buying can achieve.


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