Pets at Home Tugs at Heartstrings

Pets at Home

What does the Pets at Home brand stand for? Prior to this year you’d be excused for not coming up with an in-depth response to this question. However, the successful retailer laid the seeds for its current campaign earlier this year and is now beginning to reap the rewards.

More than 13,000 people contributed their pet-themed videos and stories to the campaign, with many using the hashtag #MyPetMoments to further generate buzz around the crowdsourcing effort. The social media campaign was orchestrated by Carat Manchester. Animals submitted included everything from cats and dogs to horses and snakes. Pets at Home have managed to latch on to one of the fundamental pillars of the internet – uploading pet photos and videos – and channel every ounce of emotion they hold towards the Pets at Home brand.

The result is an advert created by Krow  that shows a brand on a charm offensive. Pets at Home really wants pet owners to understand that it’s on their wavelength and can empathise with its customers. It knows how you feel about your pets. The above creative is a 3-minute version that Pets at Home is encouraging fans to share via social media, with 60” and 30” spots currently being aired on TV in flagship slots such as Britain’s Got Talent.

My Pet Moments

Like any crowdsourced ad campaign, I think the whole exercise could easily have hit roadblocks even before it truly got going. Instead, it’s evolved into a genuinely engaging and true-to-life representation of what it’s like to own a pet. Scott Jefferson, marketing director for Pets at Home has commented that the advert is “honest, funny and emotional all at the same time”. This is exactly the kind of creative that Pets at Home needed to bring to the market in order to forge itself some brand identity.

The campaign has been thoughtfully executed from its inception to its launch on TV, engaging as many people along the way as possible. Now, Pets at Home needs to focus on continuing to engage viewers via its social media channels and be sure not to let this current wave of positive sentiment go to waste. It’s already experimenting with some experiential marketing with ‘premieres’ of the advert, which looks to be ticking all of the right boxes.

Pets at Home Dog


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