Monthly Archives: May 2014

Special Ad Breaks

Ad Break or Musical Interlude?

This evening during Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, Sam Smith will be performing his #1 single “Stay With Me” live in its entirety in a partnership with Google Play. The song itself will be broadcast directly from his sold-out show at London’s Roundhouse. It’s a “world first” and an interesting partnership that will generate a lot […]

Leica Advert Banner

The Rebirth of the Infomercial

The infomercial is a strange species of advert that can often be found broadcasting on a channel near the back-end of your Sky EPG and in the early hours of the morning. However, a variation of the classic infomercial seems to be enjoying a revival thanks to the digital age. Instead of telling the viewer […]

Birdseye Photo Hashtag

#Paying with #Hashtags

BirdsEye hit the news recently for allowing customers to pay for BirdsEye meals using an Instagram photo and the hashtag #BirdsEyeInspirations at a pop-up restaurant in London. The photos taken by customers were actually a bit rubbish, but it’s nevertheless generated a lot of buzz for the brand online through news reports. The stunt forms […]

McDonald's Banner

McDonald’s Goes Back to Basics

From 2nd June, 2,700 outdoor billboards in France will display the above icons. They’re clean, minimalist and lack any obvious form of branding. Yet they’re unmistakably adverts for McDonald’s. It’s iconography at its very best and refreshing to see an advertiser take a step back from the busy billboard designs that dominate the streets at […]

Thorpe Park Banner

Thorpe Park’s Island Getaway

Last week, Thorpe Park launched its ‘An Island Like No Other’ campaign on TV, radio and online. The slogan plays on the idea that the Merlin-owned theme park is built on its own island, surrounded by water on all sides and accessible only by bridges – which is actually the case. The creative itself obviously […]

ITV Encore

ITV Encore: More of the Same?

At the begging of 2014, ITV announced that it would be launching a brand new channel dedicated to drama – its first new channel in 8 years. Since then we’ve learned that it’s going to be called ITV Encore, and we now know that it can be found on Sky channel 123 from 9th June. […]

Pets at Home

Pets at Home Tugs at Heartstrings

What does the Pets at Home brand stand for? Prior to this year you’d be excused for not coming up with an in-depth response to this question. However, the successful retailer laid the seeds for its current campaign earlier this year and is now beginning to reap the rewards. More than 13,000 people contributed their […]

Paddy Power Stunts

The Paddy Power Playbook: Top 5

Last week the CEO of bookmaker Paddy Power, Patrick Kennedy, announced that he’ll be standing down in April 2015 after 10 years in charge. To commemorate this, and following on from the recent Oscar Pistorius debacle, here’s a countdown of the top 5 Paddy Power media stunts and why they’re so great: #5: Roy the […]

Tumblr Brand Identity

Tumblr and Brand Expression

Earlier this month, Tumblr, the Yahoo! owned blogging and social media platform, launched a new feature that allows users and brands to easily customise how their blog looks when viewed in the Tumblr app and in mobile browsers. This means that fonts, images, colours, shapes and sizes can all be tweaked to display in any […]

MyMate Loans

The Rise of the Loans of the Apes

Last week a new advert featuring dancing orangutans, Chesney Hawkes, and a lot of green screen had its first airing. No, it wasn’t a new promo for an ITV2 reality show, but instead a venture into DRTV by MyMate, an online-based short-term finance provider. At first glance the spot, created by ABF Pictures, has all […]